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Two of the core principles of the Antigonish Movement were:

  1.  Social Reform Must Come Through Education, specifically, "Social progress in a democracy must come through the action of citizens; it can only come if there is an improvement in the quality of the people themselves. That improvement, in turn, can come only through education." 
  2. Education Must Be Through Group Action, specifically, "Group action is natural because people are social beings. Not only are people commonly organized into groups, but their problems are usually group problems...

Embedded in a larger effort that aims to strengthen our collective efforts to build the future we want and provide the space where a wide range of partners can weave their efforts together in new ways to build a vibrant, healthy and self-reliant community, the New Dawn People’s School seeks to build individual and community core capacities. We believe that

  • the more a community build its confidence and resilience, the freer it becomes to be the empowered and self-determined community it desires;
  • the more we expand and connect our new thinking and understanding of ourselves, and the world, the more ready and able we are to be linked in actions that will have deep and lasting social impact; and
  • though there are many moving and changing parts to move toward an empowered community, one is build internal and social capacity.

The conscious focus of the New Dawn People’s School is on strengthening the underlying fabric of our community so we are better able to chart the future we want and continuously adapt to changing circumstances. We plan and offer programs that seek to build individual and community core capacities with themes including, but not limited to:

  • Principles of adult education and transformational learning;
  • Facilitation training and Leadership development;
  • Community-based research and learning, gathering and dissemination of community data; and
  • Various other learning opportunities that offer wisdom, tools and practices to shape new systems in the midst of great uncertainty and complexity.

A span of program offerings that will emerge and will range time and energy commitment that will include such initiatives as:

  • Multi-day intensives,
  • Full day learning events, 
  • Short programs that may include webinars,
  • Book and study clubs,
  • Guest speakers and more

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Past Events

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 12:00 PM through November 20, 2015

New Dawn

The Art of Hosting from The People's School

How can we build a vibrant, healthy and self-reliant community? What kind of leadership is required to strengthen our collective efforts and create the future we want?We are living through a time of great challenge and great opportunity. We are being asked to work together acr...

Thursday, April 07, 2016 at 09:00 AM through April 09, 2016

New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation - Chapel

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Co-Resolve Leadership Training in Deep Democracy CoResolve is a two-day course for managers and leaders who find themselves working with interpersonal, team and client dynamics. Based on the underpinnings of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy, this specialized course covers th...